Comic Page Work

If You're interested in hiring me for a comic project, please contact me.

I work mostly with manga styles, but can adapt to whatever your story needs.

Pencils OR Inks are $15  For a full illustrator $30 per page

For further information, email me

Digital Color Illustrations

For character art, Cover Art for a book, Square icons, or other illustrations,

My price for colored digital work starts at $35 for one character, +$15 for every additional character

Email References to

Great for a profile picture or an icon! I can also do banners for youtube and full illustrations in this style.

Prices for pixel art icons $10

Anything like a banner is $20

Ink and Tone Illustrations

Starting at $25, every additional character is +10

Character Design 

Character designs $25  +face angles and additional poses/design work is +$15

Sketches are $10 Paintings start at $25 + shipping
For any additional questions, please email me at